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Paul WalkerManagement Development is best described as the process from which managers learn and improve their skills not only to benefit themselves but also their employing organisations and the employees who work for the managers being developed.

In organisational development (OD), the effectiveness of management is recognised as one of the determinants of organisational success. Therefore, investment in management development can have a direct economic benefit to the organisation.

Following the corporate restructure, the new management (tiers1-5) will embark on a newly refreshed and updated management development programme, to ensure that they have the skills, knowledge and capabilities to become a Hartlepool Manager who models the Hartlepool way.

The vision for this next stage of management development in Hartlepool is that it becomes part of the Hartlepool way, where development is targeted, needs driven, constant and highly regarded across the organisation as adding value and improving performance.

This programme has been in development since Summer 2009, meaning its taken nearly a year to get to the launch phase - that should give you some idea of the research, options appraisal and planning that has gone into this new programme. Many of the managers in the organisation will already have had some form of in-house management development and will have experienced the LMDP. Some will have enjoyed the process, others may be not so sure about why they were there or how the sessions actually applied to their role. Lets be clear about this from the start, the Management Academy is not the old LMDP—it’s a brand new programme with a critical remit to support managers to be the best they can be.

This programme is about you as an individual, not as one of many. Everyone will have a different journey, a different experience and a different outcome. Its not about “sheep dipping” everyone through the same programme. To be truly transformational, we have to draw a line under the past and look to the future as Hartlepool Managers who want to excel and make HBC a truly great place to work.

I really hope you enjoy this exciting new development programme and that it helps you to build on your existing skills to enable you to deliver our future challenges!

Paul Walker
Chief Executive

If you require any additional support or advice please contact:

Mandy Bannister
Tel: 01429 523048
Email: mandy.bannister@hartlepool.gov.uk


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